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High quality mobility and the focus on first-class service are standard and reality for both Deutsche Lufthansa AG as well as bordbar. Their cooperation is an expression of the highest quality Made in Germany.
bordbar customers can look forward to a special Lufthansa edition embodying tradition, innovation and the desire to travel. 

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Technical data

Each trolleys have already had their fair share of flight experience. Each trolley has it's very own story to tell. Little dents and scratches bear witness of a life in the sky and make each trolley completely unique.
Each trolley is overhauled completely, then cleaned thoroughly and tested for operational reliability. Only after these rigorous steps is the trolley revamped with a unique design.

  • height: 103 cm
  • width: 30,2 cm
  • depth: 40,5 cm
  • weight: 15 kg
  • angel on the lft sind
  • door inner face: original Airline
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