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PAN AM – The pioneer of civil aviation.

This at its time best-known airline worldwide was a pioneer and used jet planes already in 1958, before anybody else did.
The maiden flight of a Boeing 747 from New York to London was on January 22nd of 1970 an it also was with a PAN AM plane. bordbar is designing a collection with stylistic features of this legendary airline and reminds of the glamorous times of civil aviation.
The design selection is available for new and second hand trolleys.

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Pan Am NEW Wings


Pan Am NEW  
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1.429,00 €
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Technische Daten

Each trolleys have already had their fair share of flight experience. Each trolley has it's very own story to tell. Little dents and scratches bear witness of a life in the sky and make each trolley completely unique.
Each trolley is overhauled completely, then cleaned thoroughly and tested for operational reliability. Only after these rigorous steps is the trolley revamped with a unique design.

  • height: 103 cm
  • width: 30,2 cm
  • depth: 40,5 cm
  • weight: 15 kg
  • angel on the lft sind
  • door inner face: original Airline
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